February 15, 2011


We’ve all been there and done that, had that crazy boyfriend who would not leave you alone. I’d like to be the first one to stand up, raise my hand and say I have been with a crazy. There’s nothing to be ashamed of because the truth is we were deceived. They made us believe that they were normal, hell; I even pictured myself getting married to him. But after a while the crazy signs started coming out and I got fed up. I tried letting my crazy go nicely by being polite because I didn’t want to break his little crazy heart but when he refused to let me go (refer to sign 3) I had to get that restraining order. No, I really didn’t but I did change my number, moved house and changed my car. If I was to write a book on what I went through with my crazy, I think it’ll make Oprah’s book club. This is why ladies, I feel obliged to share some crazy signs with you so that you can spot a crazy guy from when he drops that first text after meeting him. Here are ten signs that I thought screamed ‘CRAZY.’

1. He’s always calling, texting, email, bbm-ing (if you have a blackberry)
In the beginning, you will find this sweet and it might give you the occasional butterflies because we all like it when our love interest calls or texts us just to find out how we are. A morning text will make you smile, another text an hour later wishing you a nice day at work, the next one asking you what you’re up to (while you’re at work), then he calls just to see how your day is going, then texts you as soon as you get off the phone to him telling you that he’s thinking of you, then another text asking you what you’re doing (uh… I’m still at work),asks what you’re having for lunch, then he calls again… you catch my drift. This one though has a very thin line because it can be sweet or down right off putting so when this starts happening, be alert! This leads me to crazy sign number 2.

2i. When you miss his calls or do not reply his messages, he shows up at your house or work because he was worried about you since you hadn’t responded
Yeah, be weary when he starts showing up at your place of work or at your house because you didn’t respond to his calls or texts. It’s not always because he’s crazy, sometimes it means that he genuinely likes you and is concerned about you when you do not answer your phone even though he knows that you are work between the hours of 9 and 5, he just thinks it’s a good idea because maybe, just maybe you might have gotten hit by a blimp and needed to see if you were ok. My advice to you girlfriend is cut that crazy guy off NOW before we get to number 3. Just saying.

ii. You forget your phone at home and when you come back there are 300 missed calls, 150 texts and a few hundred voice mails.
Need I say more?

3.i. Spying on you on facebook and commenting on all your photos and statuses, even the ones dating back to 2008
 This is creepy because when you visit someone’s facebook page, most of the time you only see that month or a few weeks back on their statuses or activity. Scrolling all the way down to last year or two years ago, is bound to bring up some warning signs!

 4. Follow you to the toilet during your date in case you run off
Based on a true story. One of my girlfriends went on a date with this guy and she thought to do a runner in the middle of the film (don’t judge her, this ain’t about her!) So she politely excused herself and went to the ladies. When she was coming out she saw her date, standing there waiting for her. Trying not to freak out, she asked him if the movie had finished and he casually replied that it hadn’t. Like seriously? Where they do that at?

5. You make the mistake of staying over at his place and when you jump into the shower the next morning he deletes all the men in your phonebook
You decide to give your crazy benefit of the doubt and assume that maybe you’re reading a little too much into his actions. maybe he’s not really crazy so you spend the night with him. Later in the day you realise that there are no men left in your phone book. No brothers, cousins, friends, nothing! He had deleted every guy in your phone book and just left himself. How subtle!

6. Follow you wherever you say you are going to be just to make sure. Oh by the way, he’ll be following you without your knowledge
You might recognise this action by the common word ‘stalker.’ He seems to know what you wore the other night when he mistakenly mentions that you’ve worn that top two days in row, where you stopped for fuel, what bus you got on and which train station you got off.

7. Introduces you to his mum, aunties, siblings after your first date as the one he’s going to marry.
I understand that some dudes think this is sweet when you tell a girl that you want to marry her after the first date. Unless you’ve known each other for a while before you started dating, that just shows that you’re stupid because you’re will to marry any girl that you don’t know well enough and want to want to spend the rest of your life with her and frankly you might just become clingy and crazy. Introducing you to his mum and every family member that matters to him after your first date as his soul mate, the one, my wife etc is not sweet. Run!

8. After realising that he’s a crazy, you break up with him but he still calls you his girlfriend and carries on like you never broke up.
Break ups are never easy on anyone, whether you’re the dumpee or the dumper. If you’re the dumper, you have to deal with the fact that you’re breaking someone’s heart and they might start crying in front of you and you won’t know what to do; and if you’re the dumpee you have to deal with the fact that you’ve been rejected and all the plans you had with that person now mean nothing. That’s what normal people go through but a crazy! Oh no, he will sit there and listen to you while you break up him with a smug look on his face. when you’ve finished your well rehearsed speech, he smiles and says ok. “Whoo! That was easy,” you think to yourself.
The next day he calls you, “good morning baby,” wtf? Then he carries on like yesterday never happened, no matter how much you try and explain to him that you’re done; in his head, you’re still together. Some call it love, others denial, I call it CRAZY!

9. To try and get you back he pleads with your family, friends and everyone you know telling them that you’re the love of his life and he does not know how he’s going to move on without you.
This has a thin line between sweet and crazy but if he’s been showing the above mentioned signs, chances are he’s a bit crazy. Warn your family and friends not to entertain him cos he’ll be so charming to them that they’ll start to convince you that he’s not crazy but sweet cos he loves you.

 10. Threatening to kill himself if you leave him.
 We’ve all heard about this guy (and girls too) that threaten to kill themselves if you break up with them. Why should someone being with you matter more than your own life? There’s no need to slit your wrists or over dose on sleeping pills because a girl doesn’t want be with you. Grow a pair! Ladies, I don’t know what advice to give if a dude says this to you because he might actually kill himself if you leave him and if you stay, it’s hell for you. Look out for the signs before it gets to this stage!

So ladies and gentlemen of A Very Good Blog, what other crazy signs have I left out that we all should look out for?

(next article: 10 Signs YOU’RE Crazy! yeah, I said it)


  1. Some other signs:

    1. He pops up at your house (because you didn't answer his calls and he was concerned for you)
    2. He calls you from 11 pm to 3 am 34 times, comes to your house bangs on your door and accuse you of having a man over. (however you were just sleep in your bed)
    3. Tells you to loose his number if he calls and you don't answer (because your at work or doing something else) then the next day call as if nothing transpired the day prior.
    4. He calls your job if he can't reach on you his cell.
    5. He keeps accusing you of sleeping around, then try to play it off like his joking.
    6. When u do break up with him he says ok, but you have to remain friends and still talk to him daily because he's life can't go on if he can't talk to you everyday. I mean you're his best friend. He'll be depressed if you're gone out of his life...
    7. He buys you whatever you want just to keep you in his life.
    8. Everything that goes wrong is his life is your fault.
    9. If you don't do as he says he threatens to move away to a different State.
    10. He says your not anything without him. He made you.

  2. @anon, did we date the same guy??? lol

  3. I have only met one REALLY crazy guy and it fortunately was NOT my boyfriend. It was my roommate's boyfriend, but he forced his way into our house in a very clever manner and so this guy acted as if I was his property too. I can only imagine how this girl felt. I had to resort to legal action to get him out of my house! They met at a New Years Eve party. he:
    1. slept with my roommate on the first night they met and proceeded to stay for four days. Who does that?
    2. Every ex-girlfriend of his screwed him over and he was heart broken after being cheated on and mentally abused. Yeah! Every one of them! One psycho girlfriend can be a mistake. All of them though?
    3. He would use this as an excuse when his ferocious temper would flare up. Ok, this is MY house. I rented a room to my roommate. He was staying with us as a guest and would become furious, absolutely FURIOUS when other meant would come over. These were MY guests and I was being lectured for having any male in the house because it was "dangerous" and what would we do if we did not have him looking after our best interest. yeah right!
    4. He would go through her things and snoop through her phone and then he started doing it to ME! He would go through my closet and make comments on things that were in my closet. Who does that?
    5. He would break things, expensive things, of mine and when I asked him about it, he pretended not to know what item I was speaking about, as if I just disappeared into thin air or never existed. It was bizarre!
    6. He was always "leaving" a job because the manager or owner was just some horrible person who did x, y and z. He was SO mistreated. I called into his last place of employment to get a reference when his behavior became too much. I just wanted to see what they might say about him after the utterly bizarre stories he told me about the people that worked there. I was given a story that was QUITE the opposite of his. Pathological liar!
    7. When I had ANY good news, he would counteract it with a negative, Debbie Downer reaction of, you can't possibly do that, how dare you go against my advice. yeah, getting into my graduate school of choice and actually going is not my idea of making a huge mistake.
    8. He was finally completely aware of how much I could not stand him and instead of leaving MY house, he began doing everything he possibly could to be as big of a jerk as possible. Mind you, this is MY house and I pay the bills. He is just a guest. He would sit back and make messes, eat all my food, use my utilities and sit back and complain about the dumbest things.
    9. Any time I asked the simplest of things like, hey, do you mind putting your personal belongings in your room or please don't leave x, y and z in my car. Please do not leave a huge ashtray of cigarette butts in the front of my house and please smoke outside. The house smells really bad, all HELL would break loose and I would be a really bad person. It was bizarre. You absolutely could not talk any sense to this person.
    10. He began complaining when particular items of mine, like my car, were not readily available for his use. I just stood there in complete shock. He thought my things and my house and life belonged to him, yet I was just this nuisance that happened to be in the house and pay all the bills. How unthoughtful of me, right?
    11. Crazy people take absolutely NO responsibility for their actions and they have NO friends. Beware of anyone who has no friends. Even the biggest loser has at least one dork friend!

    When someone is CRAZY, you just feel it in your gut. They are rude. They don't make any sense and they only care about themselves. If you have to ask if someone is crazy, chances are, they are crazy! Run! It is not your job to play their therapist!

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  5. 1. finding cut off ponytails of hair in his closet
    2. He eats half eaten food off the plates of strangers in restaurants
    3. everyone you know avoids him
    4. he throws left over food out the windows
    5. He tells everyone he wishes his "baby mama"had an abortion - in front of the child
    6. He farts loudly after sex...trying to repulse you
    7. He whimpers and crys in a cold bath, as if re-living a bad childhood memory
    8. He seldom bathes
    0 He likes sadistic sex, finds stranger partners on websites
    10. his relatives hate him and let family members die without telling him to avoid his presence
    11. he is disowned
    12. People avoid you because you are with him
    13. friends and loved ones plead with you because they believe his is a sociopath and will kill you
    14. People at work tell you they always joked that he had bodies hidden under his beautiful house
    he does not believe in turning on heat because he does not want a bill
    he puts his trash in neighbors can at night so he has no trash bills
    he is a member of law enforcement like a cop or something and he sneaks his kid into movies
    He makes six figures will only buy son clothes at garage sales and brags about it
    he says horrible things at church, like he figured out the best place to meet women in an abortion clinic


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