February 15, 2011

10 Signs You're Crazy!!!

Alright, last time I shared with you the top ten signs that you were dealing with a crazy guy. Some guys thought some of the signs were not crazy but showed how much they cared. Alarms bells just started going off everywhere in my head. So this time I took some time to draft some of the signs to show that you might have a crazy tendency. Some of the guys' signs from last time do apply to some women but I chose these ones specifically for us. There are plenty more but since I only have to put down 10, I chose the ones which I thought were done by "normal" women and not those that need to be put into an institution.
*Disclaimer: I have never done any of these below mentioned signs. It was all researched *clears throat*
1. Going through his phone while he's sleeping.
The crazy thing about this is that many women have done it for so long that it has now began to seem normal. No, its not. If you can't go through his phone when he's sitting next to you; you probably shouldn't do it when he's passed out either.

2. You broke up months ago but you still want him back, when he tells you that he doesn't feel the same you pull a Jazmine Sullivan and bust his windows.
Rejection is never easy for anyone but busting his windows, scratching his car, flattening his tyres is one way to send him running for the hills and possibly getting a restraining order on your ass. Keep it cool, say ok and smile then cry in your pillow at night.

3. Going through his trash
Bins are disgusting no what where or what's in it. Going through his trash to see what he's been throwing away, hidden things he might be trying to discard before you see is just plain nasty. Usually if you look for something, you'll find it.

4. Checking his mileage to see what he said matches with his mileage spent
Not only did this happen in 'Why did I get married too', a girlfriend of mine confessed to doing this to her then bf and apparently he had spent 200miles to go to work. Maybe it works, I'm not judging.

5. Spraying your perfume all over his clothes so that he smells of a woman
Jealousy will make you do some strange things but if you are his side piece, accept your position and do not try and sabotage this poor man's relationships with other women. If you are in a relationship with him and still feel the need to "mark your territory" by spraying his clothes so that he smells like you, you might be dealing with some issues. Just be discreet with the spraying, a little whiff goes a long way.

6. Crying wolf
Screaming down the street that he's been beating, abusing and neglecting you and your five kids just to keep him in the house is probably gonna make him run for the hills. To make matters worse, the neighbours are starting to feel sorry for you when you don't even have kids, he ain't even your man! If he doesn't want to be there, let him go.

7. Creating a fake fb profile to lure him and cheat on you with your fake profile
You don't trust him so in order for you to see if he's been or will cheat on you; you create a fake fb profile and start flirting with him just to see if he'll bite.

8. Calling his house phone on private number and hanging up as soon as he picks up just to make sure he's at home.
Obviously there is lack of trust in this relationship which leads you to do some strange things. Calling his house phone to make sure he's at home is one sure sign that you have a problem. If he says he's at home believe him, if you don't; tell him. Don't prank him!

9. You have a baby by him and make it a point to call all his gf's telling them to stay away from your husband or you will do juju on them
Let him go. If you happen to have a baby by him and still want him back, let him go. If he was truly yours he'll come back. For real. Because the last thing an innocent woman wants to hear is her man's baby mama telling her that she should stay away from her "husband." This is only gonna push him further away from him because you'll be showing him that you are crazy and noone like a crazy person.

10. Going through his emails, fb, online bank account to see what he's been upto and what he's been spending his money on after you've broken up.
To make it worse you think this is normal and you claim you're just curious what he's up to. To make matters worse, you start deleting the pictures which he's tagged in with girls, deleting the female friends who'd have written on his wall or poked him. The poor guy trusted you with his personal info and now that you have broken up you're acting all crazy. To be fair he should have changed his details when you broke up. Oops! Did I just try and justify a crazy action?

(Shout out to my significant other for telling me his crazy girl experiences. Hope you weren't talking about me!)

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